Newsletter December 2023 and new cooperative house

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Newsletter december 2023

With this newsletter we bring you a nice Christmas card and good news about the progress of our activities.


Dear interested party, supporter and participant,

It is already the last newsletter of the year 2023, a year in which much has happened and in which the UPF has set an important milestone.

In it you can read about the interviews and lectures we have published and also for example about our mission, encapsulated in a short recognizable story. If you don't have time to read this newsletter now, we are happy to give you the tip to take the time to read it later.

We wish you lots of reading pleasure.




I gave him my coat and food. His army clothes looked battered. Sitting together on a bench, I asked him where he was from.


From the front, he said, walking and hitchhiking took days. What I saw defies any kind of humanity sir, less than a few days' drive from here: killing, murder, queues of people fleeing, an exodus squared. And the children, seeing that broke my soul, hence my presence here. You know, peace and freedom seems very far away. A loving world for us and our children who are, after all, the future.


He had a valid point there, and I had something to build on.


What are you doing in this life, he asked?


I explained to him what I stand for, namely: peace and freedom for all of us. Through the efforts of United People Foundation, our volunteers are doing their utmost to build a platform to eradicate Hunger, Child Labour and to eradicate the lack of humanity. That one loving world is accessible to all of us.


Will you join me in this mission?

Become a member and join the United People Foundation.
For a humanitarian world.


Benjamin B. Joy

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Vacancy Community Manager

Information exchange with our supporters is important and we expect this to increase even further in the future. That is why we would like to strengthen our team and, if possible, with several volunteers. You may have already seen our advertisement, in which we indicate that we are looking for people, possibly professionals, who have the knowledge to manage a particular social media platform that is used by the UPF to create visibility for the B of Joy and United People Foundation.

We are pleased to welcome a volunteer from New Zealand, but should you also have time and the desire to contribute to a meaningful cause, you are most welcome.


If you are interested, please let us know. In our newsflash you will find further information and how to respond:




Interview - 'We can be the ones in power’

Christianne van Wijk in conversation with Ronald Bernard: an interview from 2019 that was recently published in 5 short parts under the title 'We can be the ones in power':


Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -

Part 5 -







The people's cooperative house is coming now

Since 2013, United People Foundation (UPF) has been committed to making 'A Good Stewardship of All Life' a reality through the realization of feasible initiatives. UPF was born from a compassionate state of the heart with the intent of leaving life better for our present and future children on Earth, surpassing the current observed quality of life throughout different life cycles.


The greatest key to achieving true change in quality of life for all life lies in the transformation of the current financial system. As a result, UPF came up with a financial initiative proposal based on a cooperative model. That model turned out to be the best form of entrepreneurship for people and society. The financial initiative proposal has gone through many phases of positive developments over the years.


And that's thanks to the many volunteers. People who, from an unstoppable power of love, continue to dedicate themselves to achieving all the necessary realizations. Secondly, participants who have purchased one or more Eternal Member Certificates (EMCs). To happily contribute as a hero to the much-needed new, cooperative, full-reserve, interest-free, fair trade, pro-life financial platform.


UPF finds it incomprehensible that after all the efforts made, a few thousand EMC holders are still missing, to reach the minimum of 10,000 EMC holders. This number is necessary to guarantee the operational reliability of the cooperative. The good news is that during the corona crisis, UPF has welcomed more EMC holders than usual. Well, and there's more good news.


UPF has decided to give the Eternal Member Certificate holders (EMC holders) a cooperative house, so the financial platform can continue to grow to its full potential of possibilities. Behind the scenes, the cooperative house is now being built. This house is the Foundation for a peaceful transition to a world of peace, prosperity and well-being for all people who share it as their heart's desire..

So, it's imminent and is going to happen in 2024.

Please let that sink in ...

The house of all EMC holders bears the name B of Joy Cooperative. Basically, it is a highly multifunctional, innovative financial platform that brings together old and new banking in a serviceable way. The first board for this European cooperative is in the making. The cooperative is truly Of, For and By the people. The EMC holders (co-owners) will have access to the possibilities offered by the cooperative.


However, EMC holders are passive shareholders. By activating themselves as a Supporter, the annual contribution is paid to the cooperative to cover all fixed costs. After that, in the course of 2024, active EMC holders will be able to use their own cooperative debit card and IBAN payment account, which in Belgium is called an IBAN current account, via the cooperative user right of the cooperative.


B of Joy Services will provide the first financial services exclusively to B of Joy Cooperative. B of Joy Services is now fully engaged in the elaboration of all processes.uw eigen coöperatieve Debitcard en IBAN-rekening The website is under construction and the B of Joy financial platform is being configured. The new corporate identity is already available and as a tip of the veil we hereby show the future, worldwide debit payment card in the corporate identity of B of Joy Services.


Due to all the work in progress, there is a chance that as of mid-December 2023, the purchase of EMCs, Supportership, URA coins and the opening of a new URA account will temporarily stop via the UPF website. As is often the case with the construction of something new, this is accompanied by some inconvenience. As soon as the temporary stop is lifted, everyone will be informed about this via an extra newsletter.


All that is shared about the B of Joy Cooperative will possibly raise a thousand and one questions. Please save these questions for 2024, so our volunteers can also catch their breath during the Christmas and New Year days after a very intensive period. Thank you for your understanding. During 2024, UPF will provide you with more information. With that, some questions will be answered right away :-)



The end-game available in Hebrew

Since November, this video, which has been on Ronald Bernard's YouTube channel since May 2020, has been subtitled into Hebrew. The translator did this on her own initiative, because she believes that the video is more likely to be watched if people can watch it in their own language. This has naturally led to a very pleasant collaboration and United People Foundation now also has a translator for Hebrew.

The end-game can be finished in 2028 



LECTURE B of Joy & Ura as Noah's Financial Ark

Ronald Bernard gave this comprehensive lecture in Oostkamp - Belgium, earlier this year to an audience of about 200 people. A detailed explanation of the motivation and publication behind this lecture is available via our newsflash (


The video is subtitled in multiple languages.




Together we build a bright 2024

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