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Background info and Elaboration

Many steps have been taken since Ronald Bernards decision to create a new financial system to transform into a better world.

As old powers push their plans in a certain direction at all costs, necessity and desire are now aligned on the timeline.

This makes us want to pay extra attention to marketing our products and also encouraging collaborations


We are looking for people, possibly professionals, who are capable of managing a specific social media platform, like Facebook, Telegram, Instagram or Twitter:

• to create visibility for the B of Joy and UPF and their products,

• to increase the use of the URA platform among individuals, as well as within sectors and new networks or groups,

• to specifically promote the URA while also considering collaboration with other complementary currencies,

• to encourage people to become supporters, donors, or co-owners.



The URA platform offers the BASICS  to support initiatives from individuals, freelancers, and Small-Medium-Enterprises. Serving as a tool within the framework of UPF to achieve true liberation, for the realization of a world in which prosperity, peace and well-being are the norm.



Suggested videos:

Video : The Lecture - Prosperity and Well-being with the URA

Video : Building a new future with URA and Florijn 


Does this job vacancy resonate with you and do you meet the required expertise?

If so, send us a message via the contact form and let's find out together, after an onboarding period within our organization, if together we can work towards a new future.


We are looking forward to your email!


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