U.S. interview part 4 is online

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Christianne van Wijk & Ronald Bernard


In the summer of 2023, Nikolai Schweber conducted an in-depth interview with Ronald Bernard.


A Good Stewardship of All Life can be realized through a radical change of the financial system and this is possible once enough people participate. The latter requires a process of awareness, because a person's thoughts and habits do not simply change on their own, and it is in that context that this interview is given. The multi-hour interview will be published in several parts in 2024.


With each video you will learn more about Ronald's inner journey. What he shares can give you (re)recognition and awareness as the next step in your own transformation. Publication will take place when the subtitles in Dutch and English are ready. The other languages will be added successively later.


Part 1: How my first life started to develop

Nikolai exposes essences of Ronald's life through tough questions. What underlies his years of motivation and work to create a more loving world for children? In just 30 minutes, you'll learn a lot about Ronald's inner journey. https://youtu.be/Kw7qcuJ7onM.


Part 2: The deep insights gained from my first life

Ronald talks about how, during his career in finance, he learned more about the structure and power of the people he worked for. He talks about his experiences, in how people behave and act contradictorily, about our free will, the choices and responsibilities we as humans can further shape: https://youtu.be/Uj1lbX7w-Ko


Part 3, We only see a part of the spectrum of life

Ronald takes you into the (partly) invisible reality of our living world. Did you know that the rulers of the "old" world carry within them a deep black hole of emptiness in all areas? Did you know that because of this, almost all misery in the world is created as a business model? For example, 500,000 children were killed (sacrificed) during the invasion of Iraq to get hold of all its oil fields. That is pure evil. In contrast, there are loving, liberating and radical solutions for anyone who wishes it. Since his near-death experience, Ronald has been working for world peace through collaboration: https://youtu.be/qacaZh5cIic


Part 4, Approaching crossroads of history and future

Part 4 is about determining your position on your life path. If you are at a crossroads right now, which way do you go? Decisions are made based on information. What sources do you consult and act accordingly? Ronald Bernard talks about dissociation, political agendas, his choices, including their pros and cons. We make this world together, humanity functions as one body and yet each person is unique. Do you want to contribute to a better world in your own way? Watch this video and discover what steps you can already take: https://tinyurl.com/4ryfwevu