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It's in our hands


'It's in our hands' by Michael Sabbe

For anyone who wants to learn more about the financial system. Michael Sabbe discusses solutions from the United People Foundation and shows how money can help (local) economies and societies.


*** The webinars and lecture are spoken in Dutch ***


Can we continue as we have done for so long or is a shift in the money system desperately needed?


Over the past 2 years it has become clear to many, decisions made by our government leaders are not for our good, but for the sake of profit by Big Pharma and Big Corporations.


Our ministers, "servants of the people," no longer work for us, they have become the puppets of a small minority. Only our compliance gives them power.


But notice, we are the change! The power lies with the people. We need each other to create this new society together: Of us, For us and By us.  


That's why we invite you to our lectures and webinars. There you will get a good understanding of our current financial system and answers to many questions. You will probably never look at money the same way again.


An overview of the webinars :

Thursday May 25
Thursday June 29
Wednesday July 26
Thursday August 31
Thursday September 28


Note: The dates vary, but it is the same webinar each time; they are repeats.


Register by email to: petra.vandenhoeck@gmail.com 

After registration the zoom link will be sent to you.
From 7:15 p.m. you can login using the zoom link, we start at 7:30 p.m. sharp.