The never published interview of 2019

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Ronald Bernard in 2019

Interview English Spoken

Christianne van Wijk's interview with Ronald Bernard, recorded in 2019 but never published in the public domain, has been made available in parts, via Ronald Bernard's rumble account.


The interview was recorded in English and consists of several short parts, 3 of which have now been published. The remaining parts will also be posted soon.


These videos will help to grow awareness, so one can choose differently in life. Change always begins in one's consciousness ...


My work within the highest power structure

A sample of questions asked: is there a force wanting to keep the people subdued and were you judging yourself after your NDE?


The counterforce to guide future generations

A conversation prompted by the following statement: people cannot believe the world they live in is an illusion and that almost all of their thinking and behavior is intentionally programmed.



See through the matrix & develop your own blueprint

In the current system, the real power is with the few.
If people dare to change, the new system will allow them to make a shift from a selfish system to a collective system, transforming scarcity perception, fear and low self-esteem into abundance, authenticity and a loving and caring society.


Link to all videos on the Ronald Bernard Rumble account