Newsletter September 2023

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Newsletter September 2023

In this newsletter we introduce a new application for the URA platform for web shop owners and we talk about our activities on social media.


Dear interested party, supporter and participant,


All over the world, all kinds of initiatives are taking place that fit United People Foundation's solution-oriented thinking. Thus, through our newsletter, we would like to cordially invite you to become a link to make the chain of solidarity, prosperity and well-being stronger and longer. Every person has the choice to stay with the old or not.


We wish you much reading pleasure.




Business URA account holders with an existing online store, in addition to sales within the URA platform, now will have the ability to add URA to their payment methods. While creating extra spending options for customers with a URA account, this will also create a new incentive to open URA accounts.


URA payments for online stores is one of the extras of the business URA account. Click here for more information, and click here to open your own URA account!





Don't get distracted by all the manipulations and stick to your heart and common sense. Go and do what you came here for, be the new world and have compassion for your brothers and sisters. If we give up the struggle, unite and take responsibility ourselves, there is nothing we cannot do!


We often hear and say ‘we are one’, but do we really understand what that means? As creators, we have free will, but this means at the same time we also have responsibility.


It is fear that limits us and put us off balance. Fear and confusion are sown to distract, manipulate and divide us. The beauty of this is that we are now starting to see the sloppiness and despair more and more openly and, as a result, are becoming more and more aware.

When we come to the truth, stand in our power and unite, the game is over ...

Dear people it is time to stand up and join hands. Time to take full responsibility. Stop fighting your own brothers and sisters because you may differ in opinion or because others wrongly portray you as bad. Stop being prejudiced when you don't know people. Stop whining and pointing at others of what they all are not doing well enough, even though they have good intentions.


Help each other and be the example! Be aware that at the core, we all desire the same thing; a new world where we can all be free and happy. That is the base we can always return to, simple!


time for change, frogs leave

Be the change you want to see in the world ... and that is how it is!


What we really want, what UPF stands for, is Good Management of ALL Life. It is our desire to create support to realize this mission together, to live in freedom.




Click for part 1: Every-Change-Starts-With-Ourselves/





Agnes Jonckheere's interview with Ronald Bernard on 11 May 2023 in Bruges was received very enthusiastically. As a result, we took the trouble to compile an extra version. The interview can now be listened both in Dutch and in English by means of a voice-over. This personal conversation with special insights and depth fits well with the spiritual awakening going on in the world.


• Het teken van het beest - Of uw bevrijding:

• The mark of the beast - Or your liberation:



The campaign featuring the beautiful photos and stories of people supporting ´B of Joy´ is complete. Between May 9 and August 15, we highlighted eight portraits on social media. We hope it made you think about our greater cause in a positive way, or even better, moved you to take action. Want to check out the portraits and short stories (again)?


• Photo-slider on supporters page:

• Collection of short stories:



Most people reading this newsletter have already adjusted their horizons a little further away from the central "self" and that is great.

you'll get stuck if you don't change

However, it is human daring to speak out or stand up for yourself only when you feel supported. We need front people and pioneers for the interpretation of knowledge, for motivation and inspiration. That is also why our videos were created. We present a kind of summary of events, of what is going on, what has been forgotten or should never be forgotten.

We hope these videos encourage you to further awareness and action. You know best yourself what you can do to build a new world together, to stop the needless suffering. Every step is one and with your contribution you help yourself and others to make the chain stronger and longer. So watch (again) the videos, feel supported, share and follow up!


• We are the Change part 1:

Offers a torrent of factual information that shakes faith in the goodness of politicians and those in power. How our FREE WILL is played through false education and by capitalising on our feelings of fear and love.


• We are the Change part 2:

Including explanations of certain statistics from the RIVM (Dutch equivalent of FDA) and the FDA, the quality of our immune system, the difference between our established actual rights and their prediction through media and information agencies. On Israel and the creation of B of Joy (2010-2021).


• New future part 1:

Anthony Migchels gives a financial masterclass covering topics such as the fiat system, the banking cartel, inflation, deflation, recession, depression, the decline of the West, collapsing banks and world government. Anthony also presents the application of the Florijn as a complementary currency of Florijn Foundation.


• New future part 2:

In it, Ronald Bernard asks you to become more aware of the state of affairs in the outside world, for example how via one crisis after another, the biggest heist of all time is being carried out. Ronald exposes how we are moving towards One Health World Government, with Smart Cities, CBDC and Digital ID. Ronald also presents the application of the URA as a viable SOLUTION by which we turn the tide.





Out of a long series of online webinars by Michael Sabbe and Petra Van Den Hoeck, the latest is scheduled on Thursday September 28.


In it, Michael or Petra will discuss solutions from B of Joy and United People Foundation and show how money as a resource can help (local) economies and societies.


Further information or to sign up can be found in the newsflash


Frogs are relaxing

Quarterly slogan: 'Happiness is the absence of resistance'  


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