Newsletter September 2022

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Newsletter september 2022

This Newsletter covers three topics in depth. We hope to inform and inspire you with several articles about the current state of affairs, about what you can do and about the initiatives others have already taken for you. We hope you enjoy reading.

Moment in Time 

Socially, we are in a transition. Also called The Great Reset or Build Back Better. In short, a group of invisible world leaders want to install a new One-World Dictatorship via a group of visible far-away politicians in Brussels, EU, WHO and UN via a Chinese DNA-digit bank control model. In addition, we will soon no longer have any property and all global corporations such as Blackrock and Vanguard will buy the land privately. There will also have to be a chip in your buttock, hand, or forehead if you still want to travel, pin, refuel or simply live. A total digital takeover takes place via ''private piracy''.

Meanwhile, in China, we see that the citizens' savings are being 'held' and a test is underway to see how the people react to this: "In China, tanks are put on the street to protect the banks. This is because the Henan branch of the Bank of China has stated that people's savings in their branch are now 'investment products' and cannot be withdrawn."

What will it take before we take action?! Are we going to accept everything without further ado and let all our rights and freedoms be taken away?
More than ever, it is important to set up a valuable society Of, For and By the people themselves and to take our responsibility as a conscious person for ourselves and the next generations.

The mission of United People Foundation is to establish structures to realize our independence from the current system.


What can we do to get started? 

  • * Reaching 10,000 Perpetual Members Certificate Holders (€ 100,- + € 5,- bank charges). This makes it possible to bridge the gap between the old and the new world!
  • * Opening an URA account on the URA platform with a minimum purchase value of 10 URA and a minimum contribution of 10 URA per year (together 20); this as a wonderful tool for the new world. 

These links will help you:

Important instructions for payment from Belgium. You can choose:

  • * credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) and PayPal, this goes smoothly.
  • * payment card: with the payment card you choose SOFORT, click on the blue bar.
    Select the language at the bottom of the screen, it says 'Français', click on it and choose Dutch.
    Choose a banking institution, if it is not visible click on "Voir autres banques" or "show more banks".
    Keep your bank card and tray handy.  
    Follow the further instructions.

For questions and/or problems with registration, please send a message using the contactform

Michael Sabbe




Behind the scenes 

Due to the desire for a better world the UPF was created. A world in which our children have a future perspective, in which we can move freely and creatively and treat each other and our planet in a respectful way. For years that is what all the volunteer professionals of the UPF have been working for. Ideas have been exchanged, recorded, and worked out and behind the scenes that work continues undisturbed. Many bumps have been taken, disappointments and setbacks turned around. And all this for the better, because in retrospect setbacks also turn out to pave a way for a better solution. The motivation and commitment of the people behind the scenes are unaffected and the investment towards a more loving society, to the next phase, continues its way.

The United People Foundation sees that its name has been well chosen, because the movement is growing, and more and more people are becoming interested and choosing to connect with the UPF in a way that suits them. The websites of the UPF, the B of Joy and the URA platform are incredibly well put together and everything is ready to be used.





In June, the FRENCH-version of the UPF-WEBSITE went online

This has been made possible thanks to our French translator. We would like to thank her once again for the many hours of her free time that she has made available for this purpose. This is how you get to the French website.



World Freedom Alliance


The WFA provides a global platform and connects multiple groups and organizations. It offers transparent, fact-based solutions and encourages robust debate with media, scientists, and governments to ensure that the fundamental freedoms of the world's people are restored and upheld. The conference, organized in collaboration with Doctors for Truth, took place from 11 to 14 August 2022 in Budapest, the imposing capital of Hungary. Eminent speakers from all over the world were present to share their scientific studies, projects and ideologies with the members and listeners of the WFA. United People Foundation was invited to give a lecture about its projects, the Cooperative in formation and the splendid URA platform with the URA coin. Michael Sabbe's presentation was received with a great applause thanks to the presentation of a beautifully working and innovative tool such as the URA platform. It can be used immediately in any country which of course was particularly striking. UPF's project, which stands for a just and loving society, was one of the few presentations in which concrete solutions were discussed.




In the (new) Media

Ronald Bernard gave an interview for the magazine ‘We Are Pioneers’.  The magazine appears 1 x per quarter and the article with Ronald is in No 4, which will be published in the 2nd week of October.
We Are Pioneers magazine can be ordered via the webshop.

Three new videos online:

An invitation to join from your heart. Length 2:52 min
Do you want to see an ultimate liberating lecture

A striking story to understand the real meaning of money.
Length 5:37 min. Money as a medium of exchange

The explanation of a new monetary system; how to organize
our economy. Length 61:20 min
The Lecture - Prosperity and Well-being with the URA




Time to see things differently


All of us were graced immediately at birth with rose-colored glasses, offered to you by...? It was and is there, those glasses. All our livable days long into the present. What if we exchange this old-timer that has been hanging around on your nose all this time for actual glasses of the same type that the United People Foundation also looks through? Then your eyes will open! Away with that fear, away with the lies, on to true freedom. On to your new being in a just world, your world with good management of all life for us and our descendants. Now put on those glasses while reading the information about the member certificates, then you will see that a new pair of glasses can be the solution in your life!

Benjamin B. Joy




A challenge

The more people who participate, the greater the effect. We can bring the future to us and stop the era of crisis after crisis. My question is, will you join in transforming from distrust to trust, from scarcity to abundance? Sign up on the URA platform, find all users there and notice that UPF does not build castles in the air, but gives you something tangible and recognizable 'in your hands'. I would also like to encourage you to study the website, the mission, the vision, the goals, the Young Division... too many to mention. It will inspire you. It will give you hope and encouragement to do your bit too. Maybe you could talk to friends or family about it? Isn't that a nice challenge? That we all get at least one person excited! And if that new acquisition also takes on this challenge; then together we will create the basis for a more peaceful world.

Titia Cool




Lectures are given in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the Newsflash messages you can find the latest information about this.

The lecture "WE ARE THE CHANGE”

A lecture to learn more about the current system, how it works and 'guides' us. Followed by the focus on how things can be improved, how we can help (local) economies and societies move forward together. Everyone is most welcome. Entrepreneurs will feel drawn to these lectures as they are the MOTOR of society. Students can get a more complete picture of society by hearing different angles to the current situation.


Belgium – Paal | Michael Sabbe |
Saturday 1 October | 14.00

Address: Pater Carremansstraat 4, 3583 Paal
Welcome from 13.30u
Before and after the lecture there is time for a drink and a chat. Costs: € 15 per person, please pay this in cash at the entrance.
Registration: Via email: please state name & number of people. There is a limited number of places, so don't wait too long if you want to attend.

Belgium – Dilbeek | Michael Sabbe |
Wednesday 5 October | 19:30

In Castle La Motte: Lumbeekstraat 20, 1700 Dilbeek
Rooms open from 19.00u Costs: € 10 per person, to be paid only in cash at the entrance
Registration: Via email to

Belgium – Oostkamp | Micael Sabbe |
Wednesday 26 October | 19:30

Address: Arte e Allegria Stationstraat 94, 8020 Oostkamp
Door open from 19.00h Cost: € 10 per person
Sign up: Via email to

New lecture: Prosperity and Well-being with the URA

The Netherlands – Broek op Langedijk | Ronald Bernard |
Wednesday 2 november | 19:30 – 22:30
Bij ‘Soulbalance’: Vreekesweid 1, 1721 PP Broek op Langedijk
Door open from 19.00u
For your reservations :


Every word is a seed, be a loving gardener!