Newsletter 1st quarter 2024

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There are many distractions, but the implementation of control measures continues, don't let this newsletter escape you.


Dear friend, supporter, and participant,Welcome to the year 2024 with another interesting newsletter to bring you up to date with the latest developments.

Here you can read about the continuation of our mission, about what you can do and what has been published / put online.


We hope you will enjoy the read.




The rollout of the surveillance state

Digital Identity for all EU residents has been approved by the European Parliament. It has eluded quite a few people, but the EU parliament recently approved a new EU regulation on digital identity (eIDAS 2). A new digital identity app should allow EU citizens to access online payments and public and private digital services. It was approved despite many IT security experts and academics publicly warning against the coming mass surveillance stemming from the use of this Digital Identity. The rollout of the surveillance state continues steadily. Source Article from: (German)  / English version 




A voice crying in the wilderness

In the middle of last year, the president of United People Foundation (UPF) in Belgium gave an all-encompassing lecture that anyone interested in the future well-being of our children, ourselves and all precious life should take in. Starting at minute 39-minute mark, a few minutes explain how the surveillance state is being rolled out through the Smartphone, QR code, Digital Identity and CBDC currency. For many years UPF has been a voice crying in the wilderness about all that is to come. The Corona (Covid) period was an "exercise" to see how far one could already go with the deception and control of people. Is that hard to grasp? Then watch the facts starting at the 28-minute mark. Time and again it appears that the growth of our consciousness is necessary to make different choices.


The people's cooperative house as an option

As indicated in the December 2023 newsletter, the cooperative house of the people is coming. After all, the greatest key to achieving true change in quality of life for all life lies in the transformation of the current financial system. Through the realization of all money flows under one's own control, people once again determine what they want the world to look like. Investments in wars and other miseries will then become a thing of the past. People within the cooperative house who are both Eternal Member Certificate holders (EMC holders) and Supporters will soon have exclusive user rights in the European Cooperative in formation (SCE) called B of Joy Cooperative. With these user rights, they will have the URA Platform, the URA currency, their own IBAN bank account, Debit Card (Prepaid) and money exchange.




The Status of the B of Joy Cooperative

This year UPF volunteers are working intensively with external people and organizations to achieve the realization of a fully active B of Joy Cooperative as being of, for and by the people. Similarly, the B of Joy Services (BoJS) team is involved in the rollout of Phase 2. In a few weeks, the new BoJS website will be online in a first (test) version. This will be further developed specifically for the B of Joy Cooperative participants.


Regarding the formation of a board (pioneers) for the B of Joy Cooperative, two people have already been recruited from the Netherlands: a (ex) banker, someone who is of service to mankind and a multidisciplinary entrepreneur. From Belgium we have an awesome person available who does international economics in human treasures. The board is currently writing the statutes and other documents, in cooperation with an international notary office that has experience in the creation of a European Cooperative (SCE).


Reserve now for cooperative participation

Sometimes developments are slower than expected. In our situation this has everything to do with the care and complexity of the entire realization, just as an oak tree does not grow to its full size in a few weeks. Due to all Phase 2 work, UPF has temporarily closed the opportunity to participate as an EMC holder and Supporter on its website. Do not let that stop you from participating.


Using the drop-down menu in the UPF contact form, you can now place a reservation of participation. You will then be notified by UPF when all registrations can be processed. The more people who sign up now as EMC holders and Supporters via the reservation option, the more B of Joy Cooperative will be able to get off to a flying international start. Join now:




Freedom calls the deepest sleepers

Would you like to increase your own awareness and understand all that is being said and decided for you? Might things be different after all?


Reading the Declaration of Peace, the New Declaration of Human Rights and the 12 Points of Change,


does that awaken something in you and deep down inside you think you also want to bring that change for your children, grandchildren and all those beautiful souls that come after you?


At the UPF, you take back control, you are heard as a human being, as a soul and respected as a living human being.

You are welcome to join and be part of the freedom described in the Declaration of Peace, the New Declaration of Human Rights and the 12 Points of Change.

It is the first step toward a Good Stewardship of All Life.


Benjamin B. Blij




Vacancy: Translators Spanish and Italian (written)

We are looking for Spanish and Italian translators with good written skills and a feel for the spoken word. In this role, you will be responsible for textual subtitling our videos in your language. The delivered text will be in English or Dutch depending on your preference.


Does this vacancy appeal to you, do you work accurately and are you able to complete an assignment within an agreed deadline? Then please send us a message via the contact form and maybe after a familiarization period within our organization we can start working together for a new future. We are looking forward to your e-mail!


Vacancy: Manager Social Media

UPF wants to be heard from through various platforms. Its objective is to:


✰ create visibility for all UPF manifestations
✰ increase the usage of the URA platform
✰ promote the URA specifically, while being mindful of cooperation with other complementary coins
✰ invite people to become supporters, contributors, or co-owners


Which is why we are looking for knowledgeable people who can manage such a social media platform and who feel the connection to sign up as a volunteer.


The URA platform goal falls within the framework of UPF to achieve true liberation, but this marketplace is not yet found enough by individuals and entrepreneurs. However, this is necessary to become successful for the sake of a world where money stays with the people and is not snatched away.


Featured videos:

The Lecture - Prosperity and Well-being with the URA:

Build a New Future with the URA and Florijn:


Does this position appeal to you and do you have the required knowledge? Then please send us a message via the contact form and maybe after a familiarization period within our organization we can soon work together for a new future. We are looking forward to your e-mail!



In the Media

Interview 2023 by Nikolai Schweber

In the summer of 2023, Nikolai Schweber conducted an in-depth interview with Ronald Bernard. The multi-hour conversation will be published in several parts this year. Additional information and links are available through the newsflash.


Part 1: How my first life started to develop

In the first part, Nikolai exposes essences of Ronald's life through tough questions. What underlies his years of motivation and work to create a more loving world for children? In just 30 minutes, you'll learn a lot about Ronald's inner journey.


Part 2: The deep insights gained from my first life

In this part Ronald talks about how, during his career in finance, he learned more about the structure and power of the people he worked for. He talks about his experiences, in how people behave and act contradictorily, about our free will, the choices and responsibilities we as humans can further shape.


LECTURE: B of Joy & Ura as Noah's Financial Ark
now also in Hebrew


Together we build a bright 2024

Quarterly slogan: 'If you don't make a plan for your own life, you will be used in someone else's plans.’


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