14 May 2022: lecture Michael Sabbe

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Michael Sabbe

A new financial system for prosperity is in our hands

How does money actually work? Where does our money come from? Is it printed somewhere in the basement of the National Bank, like in the movie 'La Casa de Papel'? Or is this largely done digitally these days?


How is it determined how much money is in circulation? And do we as humans have a say in what the money is invested in? Wouldn't it be nice if we could opt for truly sustainable, ecological, social projects that benefit people?


These and many other questions will find an answer in this lecture. You will go home with a good idea of our current financial system and you will probably never look at money the same way again. In these times it is once again abundantly clear that a change in the monetary system is desperately needed.


If we join forces, let go of fear of want, and focus on joy of life and creation, society is an enterprise in itself. In this fascinating lecture, Michael Sabbe will show you how it can be done, because there is already a lot of hope going on.


Michael Sabbe (1955) is an economist. He studied economics at the American university AUP. He is an entrepreneur and has experience in various sectors such as ISP provider, information systems, the textile and automotive industry. For the last few years his focus is on the development of green energy solutions, and lectures on sustainable financial systems.


Saturday 14 May - 19u30. Location: Shiva Center, Ingelmunster, Belgium. Details and bookings: here.