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You can read the motivation and the publication of the 'B of Joy & URA as noah's financial ark' here. The lecture was given by Ronald Bernard in Oostkamp, Belgium


Bringing attention to this lecture is based on our heart's desire to live in a world where the possibility of a decent life is available to all. Especially for children.


It's a message we keep repeating, because there are so many reasons why it fades into the background or is forgotten time and time again.

The first time you listen to a lecture or interview by Ronald Bernard, your world view may suffer a dent, throwing you off balance for a moment. You certainly won't be the first. It may even stress you out temporarily as a form of cognitive dissonance. The second time you listen, the mechanism of "oh I already know that" may occur, with the effect that you are no longer really listening.

A similar example: if you have an appointment with the doctor in hospital because of the results of an examination, you are advised to take someone with you, because you may not hear or remember everything properly due to the stress and the amount of new information.


Why are we putting it like this? We at United People Foundation have taken awareness as a spearhead and entry point to inform you. What Ronald talks about is about multiple aspects and layers. It is about upbringing, love, death, habits, social structures, faith, religion, conditioning, power, subtle manipulations and power relations, but also about your own free will. Your free will is a very precious good and determines an awful lot.


The invitation is to let this lecture sink in well on several levels and to discuss it with others. To explore the consequences of your choices without passing judgement. Not a qualification in the sense of 'right or wrong', but against the light of the world we shape together and in the sense of: what you really want and desire deep inside. And for whom is that? In which direction would you most like to move? And how might you make a start on that?

The first part of the lecture can be shocking at times. It gives many insights about the double agendas at play to control the population for the benefit of a small group of people. The world is weighed down by greed and deception resulting in a lot of terrible suffering.

After you have come to insights and awareness, the rest of the lecture gives you the opportunity to applaud a new world, the choice to embrace viable solutions, Of, For and By the people, by doing.


United People Foundation offers you an opportunity to change course. We invite you to come to choices that carry within them ‘a Good Stewardship of All Life' and in which you yourself will experience more autonomy, love, well-being, equality and prosperity.


The lecture: https://youtu.be/XwVyeSSQquk

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