14 May 2022: lecture Michael Sabbe

Shiva Center, Ingelmunster (BE)

How does money actually work? Where does our money come from? Is it printed somewhere in the basement of the National Bank, like in the movie 'La Casa de Papel'? Or is this largely done digitally these days?

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11 May 2022: Ronald Bernard lecture at Schiphol-Rijk

Ronald Bernard at Schiphol-Rijk

A new opportunity to attend the address "We are the change": Ronald Bernard will speak on Wednesday evening, 11 May, at Schiphol-Rijk (NL). There will be room for 120 attendees and tickets are expected to sell out fast.

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29 april 2022: Lecture Ronald Bernard

Lecture Broek op Langedijk (NL)

On 29 april 2022 Ronald Bernard will be in Broek op Langedijk (NL) to present his lecture titled "We are the change". In his new life, Ronald Bernard is a socially responsible entrepreneur, and founder of United People and many other projects.

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24 april 2022: lecture Michael Sabbe in Melle (Belgium)

A new financial system for prosperity is in our hands

What do you dream of? Many people would say that they dream of winning the lottery, so that they can do 'whatever they want'. What is the most important thing for a person? To have money? Or to be able to do what you feel like?

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20 april 2022: lecture by Ronald Bernard in Meterik

"We are the change"

On Wednesday 20 april 2022 Ronald Bernard will give a lecture titled 'We are the change'. In his lecture Ronald will offer insights in our inner world and the illusory old world surrounding us. You will be made aware of your free will, which may lead to real liberation and prosperity for everyone who wants it. Do you know who you really are as a human being?

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