Our core values at a glance

F.E.E.S. as a returns on investments

Looking at the 'Why' page, it becomes clear that the current money system is ready for another option. B of Joy co-op has this option with the URA platform. Through the URA platform, members of the co-op create F.E.E.S. as return. These stand for Financial, Ecological, Emotional and Social returns. These carry the higher core values of B of Joy co-op.



Financial return

For fixed value and natural growthSavings and investment programmes within the URA platform serve members and society. Within the URA platform, the URA currency serves as the unit of account. The URA is a globally circular, local, complementary currency. The URA is not used for interest levies, speculation, stock market activities and bonuses. With the B of Joy co-op, your money is safe because it is under your own management and control within the URA platform.


The B of Joy co-op investment programme invests through the URA currency exclusively in products and services that promote a fair and just society. In it, you decide how to invest your URA (savings) funds in the real economy. For example, you can participate in investing in clean energy sources. That will give a financial return that matches natural growth. The higher purpose behind Financial Return is, that we restore the economy to health without it being at the expense of anything or anyone. A side effect is that there are also returns on a personal level, which cannot be monetised.



Ecological return

For a 'Good Stewardship of All Life'Since the onset of crises, the government has been exclusively concerned with reducing monetary budget deficits. Every percent above 3% immediately leads to political panic. Last late summer, we again passed the 'Overshoot Day' signalling that we have used up the Earth's annual yield. As of that day, there is an ecological budget deficit of 36% for the rest of the year. We borrow that from the Earth, our children and grandchildren. Is that really caring about true life?


It can be done differently. B of Joy co-op stands for equitable sustainable development and natural growth, so that we make use of the abundance that nature gives us. B of Joy co-op works with the F.E.E.S. returns and invests as much as possible in people, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), clean energy, pure living water, healthy food and affordable housing projects. B of Joy co-op gives back to the earth and our (grand)children a 'Good Stewardship of All Life'.



Emotional return

For connection, trust and joyWe no longer need to watch the current systems manage our money affairs. Nor do we have to depend on them anymore. We can do it ourselves together again. We have the choice to be circular with our own complementary URA currency! Managing our own money gives back a huge freedom. Money again becomes a means (of exchange) to serve us and society.


Once a 'Good Stewardship of All Life' reappears on our horizon, man's general and emotional well-being also improves. And that is worth its weight in gold, because it gives us joy in life. Compare it to when you think of your loved ones: a sense of connection that makes us happy. In such a state of mind, we have left more for our environment, fellow human beings and ourselves.



Social return

For renewal and humanityFrom abundance, beautiful new things emerge. The chances of restoring relationships, connection, trust, the economy and (life) joy increase. B of Joy co-op will engage in self-managed URA retirement savings. These URA funds the co-op members invest for a longer term in the real economy. Such as in the local economies of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the many self-employed.


B of Joy co-op offers SMEs and self-employed people, who make up over 90% of the backbone and engine of our economy, a total package of financial services that truly unburden a company administratively. The B of Joy co-op members have a purchasing collective, marketplace and business directory. B of Joy co-op encompasses a new form of connection in cooperative trading, where each member co-owns the B of Joy co-op. The social return gives innovation in co-humanity and improves the well-being of people in our society.



Transition effects

For a new service-oriented money systemThe B of Joy co-op transition stands for real sustainable and equitable changes in terms of Financial, Ecological, Emotional and Social returns. These returns provide a different view of the essences and core values of our existence, where service to society becomes normal again. B of Joy co-op transforms an old system into a new money system.


This transition affects the whole of society, such as the economy, tax system, democracy, institutions, our culture, technology, energy market, education, healthcare, housing, transport, nature and environment. We ourselves are the transition. It is about your free will and the choices you make in it. Remember one thing: we ALL have a right to a financial platform where money is not an end, but a means. A means of exchange to really make our lives easier.